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Jan 4, 2013 4:30am PST
. it is a campaign to educate residents of real meaning of the word. >> my jihad is to stay fit despite my schedule. what is yours? that is part of the muni because ad. a group put 35 ads on buses in san francisco. >> the intention of the campaign is to educate our fellow americans about what the word "jihad" means. >> the executive director of the area office. >> a common misconception is it means armed struggle or holy war but that is something that has been perpetrated by many who have made years out of pushing antimuslim sentiment. >> i asked the muni riders if they knew the definition. >> holy war. >> religious war. >> the dictionary calls it a holy war but a second definition is much more appropriate. >> the proper meaning of jihad is to struggle. that's it. for many, that is anything from building relationships with neighbors to making it to work on time or doing better on a diet. >> it has been engrained it has negative connotation that is rooted in people. for the idea to change it would take more than people talking about it. >> the ads remain on the buses through the third week of januar
Jan 10, 2013 4:30am PST
taking office and cut $16 billion. the tax hike will bring in $6 billion a year for education with more money going to poorer school districts and allowing other districts more spending flexibility. >> an at risk 96-year-old man disappeared yesterday. he is 5' 2" and 165 pounds and speaks only korean. the family says he is for getful and has dementia but is used to using public transportation to the san jose korean center but did not arrive yesterday. he was wearing a blue and white checkered shirt. >> 4:32. a man who lit a woman on fire in san francisco in bayview will be arraigned today after being arrested in oakland on monday for the attack on starr lamare a woman he was dating and faces charges of attempted murder and arson after he doused tar star with gas and society her -- set her on fire. they were arguing before the attack. starr lamare is expected to survive but faces months in the hospital. >> we are learning more of the death of a home intruder at the hands of a resident. it was a conspiracy by an estranged wife that backfired. our reporter has details on that. >> apartment
Jan 11, 2013 4:30am PST
in spending which includes more funding for education and health care. it leaves $1 billion in a rainy day reserve fund. >> americans can adopt russian orphans for another year despite a controversial new russian ban on adoptions. the kremlin says a deal with the united states will remain valid until 2014 despite a new law. president putin signed the bill in response to a u.s. anticorruption measure, and 1,500 adoptions were threatened but the old adoption agreement remains in effect for one year after either party cancels it which russia did last year. >> if pakistan -- in pakistan the biggest city is on high alert after 115 were left dead in bombings. there are searches on vehicles in the capital after militants claimed responsibility for a bombing at a packed pool hall. another bombing that targeted paramilitary soldiers where there is a large shia community and people are wanted to keep an eye out for anything suspicious. >> president obama welcomes afghan president karzai to the white house this morning to discuss the future of the united states role in afghanistan. he made the rounds
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3